With the materialization and development of artificial neural networks, complex challenges similar to those of human intelligence have emerged, especially in the field of learning and permanent memorization, which is why scientists are finding that, as in humans, the solution may lie in deep rest and sleep. How can sleep improve the function of neural […]

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A study quoted by the specialized newspaper The Economist, which was developed by professors from the Maryland and Delaware Enterprise University Partnership (MADEUP), analyzed the number of minutes people spend each day on inconsequential digital tasks, calculating the total weighted uselessness rate and estimating the years lost in useless tasks [1]. How Much Time Do

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Russia’s recent decision to cut fossil fuel supplies to Europe has served as a platform to reopen the debate on renewable energies and their enormous energy and ecological potential. In this discussion, hydrogen has taken relevance as one of the most promising options to solve, in the short and medium term, part of the energy


A new technique developed by Cambridge University academics, called “pre-spoofing”, which pre-emptively exposes people to malicious or false propaganda, proved to be effective in developing greater critical awareness, and promises to become a useful tool in combating disinformation.  What is it and How Does “Inoculation Science” Work to Combat Disinformation? By Gabriel Levy www.galevy.com One

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Although solar energy panels have become one of the most effective solutions to produce renewable energy in cities and smart territories, this technology hides a dark side that is little known and that could generate a more serious environmental crisis than the one it intends to solve. Why Solar Panels Could Trigger a Major Environmental


An investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) revealed in recent days more than 120,000 documents about Uber, revealing an unsuspected level of corruption, reopening the debate on the need for regulation of digital platforms. What do the Uber Papers reveal and what consequences will it bring? By: Gabriel E. Levy B. www.galevy.com

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New artificial intelligence (AI) technologies require a huge amount of tags to process the information and differentiate the content on which they operate; a titanic task that is only possible thanks to the work of hundreds of thousands of people who perform such tagging. However, far from being a worthy source of employment, this activity

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The unexpected explosion of an underwater volcano in early 2022 cut the fiber optic cables on the island of Tonga and left its population completely cut off. Restoring the service took several weeks, a time in which the high dependence of humanity on the Internet and the fragility of transoceanic connectivity became evident. The Consequences

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Although there is much talk about the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), in reality it is more a collection of good intentions than a real breakthrough in the field. This could be changing thanks to new emerging technologies, which seem to challenge the known limits in the field of autonomous algorithms. What is GATO and

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