In a world where collaboration and innovation are essential, GitHub has emerged as the epicenter of software development. Since its launch in 2008, this platform has revolutionized the way programmers work together, enabling unprecedented synergy and democratizing access to open source projects. Today, GitHub is not only an indispensable tool, but also a symbol of […]

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In the depths of space, millions of miles from our blue home, phenomena are brewing that transcend mere beauty and challenge our understanding of the universe. The auroras, those dances of lights that usually adorn the polar skies, unexpectedly burst into latitudes near the equator last weekend, awakening amazement and a renewed curiosity about these

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In the constant search for tools that improve diagnostic accuracy, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a beacon of hope, especially in breast cancer detection. Recent tests in British hospitals, published by the BBC, have revealed the ability of an AI tool, called Mia, to identify early signs of cancer that had gone unnoticed by doctors.

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In a world where technology is advancing at an astonishing pace, OpenAI has once again surpassed expectations with SORA, an AI-driven video creation tool that pushes the boundaries of creativity and ushers in new possibilities in audiovisual production. This revolutionary technology has the potential to transform the audiovisual industry indefinitely but also poses a significant

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During the digital era, where transformation touches every sphere of our lives, politics appears stuck in 19th century practices. Despite the technology at hand, representative democracy maintains an almost symbolic citizen participation. Why does politics resist the digital age? By: Gabriel E. Levy B. The digital revolution has undeniably reshaped our daily lives. We’ve

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During Apple’s renowned WWDC conference in Cupertino, California, one detail caught global attention: the notable absence of artificial intelligence. Outlets like Xataca and Bloomberg suggest that Apple may have underestimated the significance of this technology and is now trying to make amends with massive financial investments. How serious can Apple’s oversight be? By: Gabriel E.

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In the digital age, platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are systematically and disproportionately blocking media outlets and journalists’ accounts without ensuring due process. These actions overlook the essential role of these platforms as public debate spaces, triggering global legal challenges regarding their responsibility and freedom of expression. Can digital platforms and social networks administer

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The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our world brings with it fears and hopes. While it is true that many jobs could be displaced, the real revolution lies in the creation of new jobs specialized in this technology. According to a recent BBC article, there are already six emerging job profiles in the world

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The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) officially announced its start of operations in the metaverse. This new virtual space consists of a replica of its General Secretariat office, which is located in Lyon, France. The organization made the announcement in the context of the 90th session of the Interpol General Assembly, which took place in

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With the materialization and development of artificial neural networks, complex challenges similar to those of human intelligence have emerged, especially in the field of learning and permanent memorization, which is why scientists are finding that, as in humans, the solution may lie in deep rest and sleep. How can sleep improve the function of neural

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