Andina Link Virtual Expo


The online / virtual Exhibition that will give your Company a selling showcase

What do we do

At Andina Link we are the ambassadors of your brands, products and services. We offer a platform that allows your business to develop commercial activities and be always present in the telecommunications market, in a safe and friendly environment. We guarantee support in your work, given our vast experience of more than 26 years in the industry.

Our mission

Our main purpose is to be allies of your company, promoting your business among our more than 66 thousand subscribers. The reason for being of ANDINA LINK is to serve as a guide when making decisions and to ensure commercial activities to ensure that your strategies are achieved effectively.

What are we looking for

At Andina link we look for novel alternatives to maintain contact with our clients and in this way allow them to continuously develop their business management regionally and globally. We develop the best options for each of our clients to achieve their commercial and communication goals.

Our history

Andina Link has been the most important telecommunications fair in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean, with a history of more than 26 years in the industry, we have positioned ourselves as the preferred place for negotiations and networking in the industry, with the most impressive commercial samples of the region, it has been the favorite place to present new trends and the latest technological advances in the industry, it has also stood out for bringing together the highest levels of the ICT sector, decision makers in government and large companies .