Why did 5g become the center of global controversy?

It is not possible to reduce to a single cause the difficulties that fifth-generation mobile technology is facing to materialize itself, we can be tempted to blame largely the unfortunate wave of misinformation. However, if one observes from a distance, it is possible to identify deeper and more structural causes, which probably merit an in-depth review of the telecommunications industry dynamics.

What is happening with 5G and how uncertain is its future?

By: Gabriel E. Levy B- www.galevy.com@galevy

When it comes to medicines, the fine line between curing a disease and a fatal poisoning is mediated by the dose, any medicine applied in a higher dose than the adequate one ends up being harmful to health: “all substances are poisons, there is no substance that is not. The dose differentiates a poison from a remedy” said Paracelso [1]. As with medicines, the fine line between a telecommunication signal that serves to communicate and a signal that affects human health is mediated, among other things, by the power [2]. For example (although there are other factors), what most differentiates the transmitter of a microwave and that of a communications antenna, microwave is largely the power with which it is transmitted [3].

In other words, as with chemical medicines, radio frequencies are potentially harmful to health and can even cause death if they are not properly supplied, managed and tested [4].

All of the above could eventually explain the wide spread of so much misinformation, fears and apocalyptic speeches about the dangers of 5G technology, rumors and fallacies that have taken hold of the world population especially in recent months [5].

Approximately 74 years ago, Joseph Goebbels proposed the 11 principles of Nazi advertising, an effective formula with which Nazism managed to strengthen its ideology in the citizen’s mind [6], fostering anti-Semitism and leading the world to war. Although the eleven principles apply consistently with the phenomenon of misinformation surrounding the 5G technology implementation [7], we particularly highlight the evident coincidence with the eighth:

“For an idea to spread, it must be mediated by a principle of plausibility, it must be based on half-truth, which is built with arguments from reliable, fragmented and diverse sources, and in this way it manages to be credilve.” Joseph Goebbels [8]

The implementation of 5G is being bombarded by the media with all kinds of news about its dangers [9], exaggerating, simplifying, disfiguring and vulgarizing its effects [10]. However, these “news” are based partially true factors, since there is potentially a risk to human health if technology is not properly implemented.

From this perspective, it is not surprising that there are thousands of 5G news available on Internet that meet the above criteria; some of them even suggest its relation [11] with Covid19 [12].

Applying in its structure principles of journalism such as the answer to the questions “who? how? why? and for what?”. We propose a hypothetical scenario that can explain a misinformative phenomenon that is gaining strength.


To answer this question, it is necessary to ask who is not in favor of 5G being deployed? who could be identified as an enemy of 5G? who is the most benefited from the failure of 5G technology?.

Firstly, we cannot rule out the fans of conspiracy theories, popularly known as “conspiracy” a segment of the population that spontaneously elaborates all kinds of paranoid apocalyptic stories that in many cases manage to generate an echo in the population [13]. However, its scope is limited and it would be difficult to achieve a deployment like the one achieved by the 5G Fakenews.

Secondly, we cannot overlook Donald Trump, the president of the United States, who on multiple occasions has expressed his unrest about the China’s advances in 5G technology [14]. This politic and television personality [15], without hiding his unrest, declared a trade war against the Asian country [16] and its most emblematic companies [17]. Thus, it has caused an effective slowdown in the advance of 5G [18] in what may be an attempt to gain time to equalize the asymmetry between Wester companies [19] and those of the Asian giant [20]. It is important to point out that, when we refer to Donald Trump as the visible head of a government, it not only comes a person, but the entire social [21], economic [22], political [23], and religious [24] movement, which supports and accompanies him[25] in defense of his political agenda [26].

All these obstacles promoted by the government of Donald Trump [27] have generated delays in the project progress [28] and have unleashed diplomatic [29], political and economic tension that is unnecessary [30], but indisputably timely for the political and commercial agenda not only of United States [31], but also of its allies in the West [32].

For what?

In the case of the first group, that is, the spontaneous originators of conspiracy theories, possibly it comes simply to a paranoid way of seeing the world, which is based on mistrust ¾ and added to a desire for notoriety and influence over any cost 3/4, states that behind practically all human activity, mainly of governmental or business origin, there is a double agenda of conspiracy [33].

In the case of the Donald Trump government, reasons seem to be different. The recent and rigorous study The 5G Economy [34], carried out by HIS Markit [35], and presented in November 2019, estimates that after a decade of implementation, the 5G technology will move about $13.2 billion dollars worldwide, that is, $13 trillion dollars (just over 50% of the Gross Domestic Product, GDP, annual of the United States [36]), with a profit of approximately $2.2 trillion dollars (equivalent to the annual GDP of Italy [37]). In turn, it will generate 22.3 million jobs [38] (twice as many jobs as the entire global automotive industry [39]), it will produce endless business opportunities [40] and carry monumental amounts of information [41]. The power derived from such a network implies that if this technology is controlled by China, the Asian country would take global control as the first superpower; ousting United States not only economically, but technologically, and incidentally would be a significant military and geopolitical advantage [42], an issue that Trump has openly expressed as a genuine concern [43].


On the one hand, conspiracy theories have nested quite well in social media, especially if it comes to news that has a certain degree of truth. That is possibly what is happening with 5G [44], where conspirators, taking advantage of the evident risks that exist in radio frequency technologies for human health [45], manage to derive thousands of false news, which are spread like wildfire on the net thanks to many other people who easily believe on news and serve as reproducers of it [46].

On the other hand, if something was clear after the last presidential elections in United States, is the Donald Trump’s capacity to manipulate the masses with fake, inaccurate or imprecise news [47], using information obtained from social media [48]. Although the investigations still leave a lot of ground in gray, among other this because of the power interferences, it seems that this was the system used in its favor by the British company Cambridge Analytics [49], with a very controversial technology [50] which may also have had something to do with the Brexit success in the UK [51].


Of all the questions, this is probably the most complex to answer, most likely because there is no single probable answer.

On the one hand, it is necessary to keep in mind that the risk associated with the implementation of any technology that used radio frequency is real [52]. In the case of 5G, the perception of risk is reinforced by the fact that it will use millimeter waves [53], greater deployment of antennas and transmitters [54] that will be located near homes and people [55] and that its deployment will be massive globally [56].

Considering that the WHO has warned on various occasions about the potential risks of equipment that uses radio frequency [57], it is impossible to completely ignore the potential threat. This feeds the minds of conspirators with arguments that seem very real [58], while the honestly skeptical and critical voices of health personnel and scientists can be distorted for misinformation purposes.

Until serious and rigorous scientific studies prove otherwise, any accusation against 5G is a simple speculation that will enter the Fake News realm [59], it is important to note that all of these assumptions could be better avoided if there were much more rigorous industry standards in this area, such as the significant incorporation of health science researchers into technology development teams, as well as much more demanding standards that require rigorous medical and clinical testing to ensure the 5G safety.

Ironically, rulers like Donald Trump, who defend the interests of large corporations and the reduction of the State’s participation in economic regulation, are responsible for ensuring that entities such as the FFC (Federal Communications Authority in the United States) do not demand more rigorous regulatory studies [60], since these studies then to delay implementation processes and can potentially raise production costs. Currently, the safety of a new technology is limited to the laboratory tests that are performed during the certification process [61] of the standard [62], but they are not complemented by extended field studies that clearly and forcefully avoid any criticism regarding the technology itself.

On the other hand, imagining that our ultra-connected world would be monitored by state sensors is not at all reassuring, and on the contrary, a future controlled by a despotic and totalitarian government [63] such as the China’s government [64], in the best style of Orwell’s big brother [65], it would be an unprecedented historical setback for humanity, which is highly probable. If China manages to dominate the 5G industry [66], it will have within its reach the possibility of manipulating the global economy and geopolitics [67], as is constantly warned [68] by researches and philosophers, who have denounced the possibility that this Asian giant wants to export its Total Control model to the planet [69] mediated by technology [70].

This article was written in collaboration with Sergio Andres Urquijo M and it is supported by 70 journalistic and academic sources as evidence of the information.


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