Social psychologists Jonathan Haidt and Jean M. Twenge recently published a report in The New York Times in which they show that although the COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the levels of depression and anxiety, especially in young people and adolescents, the origin of the massification of this phenomenon began a decade ago, possibly as a […]

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A recent investigation published by the New York Times International reporter Mark Fisher showed how after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the phenomenon of targeted disinformation strategies grew substantially at a global level, as well as the scope of the agencies dedicated to this dark business [1]. Why is the Disinformation industry a threat to humanity?

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The first major global pandemic of this century has represented an unprecedented challenge for the economy, culture, politics and society in general, at a privileged historical moment in which for the first time human beings were able to continue working, studying, shopping, going to the doctor and interacting, even in conditions of prolonged confinement, all

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Series: “Strategies for Dealing with Confinement” By: Gabriel E. Levy B. Miracle vaccines, masks, respirators, PPE suits, and even Covid-19-infected blood are among the thousands of offerings that have appeared in the Internet’s back rooms since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the dark Internet has always been a den of underground offerings,

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Digital Transformation is one of the biggest challenges that today’s societies are forced to assume, implement and promote in a medium term. It is a change that is no longer optional, since it permeates an increasing number of sectors, from the technological, social, economic, political and cultural perspectives. Unlike previous stages of digitalization processes, something

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The Pandemic Behind the Pandemic   By: Gabriel E. Levy B. Scientific experts who study Covid19 have found that the spread of the current pandemic caused by coronavirus has been mediated by multiple factors inherent to the biological characteristics of the pathogen [1], such as its ability to spread when patients are asymptomatic, as

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