After three years of intense meetings and disputes between Google and the French media, the French Competition Authority has just approved an agreement document between the parties, which obliges the Alphabet Inc. corporation to pay for the journalistic content it distributes. What is the agreement reached by the French media with Google? By: Gabriel E. […]

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The consolidation of a large global information network unleashed at the end of the last century an unprecedented explosion of data and content, causing an oversupply of information sources and a subsequent shortage of audiences willing to consume them, altering the formula that explains mass communication, no longer from few to many, but from many

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In the collective imagination, the Internet is synonymous with plurality, largely because people can freely express their opinions, and in most Western countries, there are no restrictions on the publication of content; however, the provision of the multilayer services that make up the network are in the hands of a few players, which constitutes a

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By: Gabriel E. Levy B. An analysis published by MIT Technology Review, the specialized media of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology[1], found that as a consequence of the growth of deepfakes and the improvement of the technologies they use, the biggest risk we will face in the next decade will not be the false news

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By: Gabriel E. Levy B. As YouTube evolved, its owner, Alphabet Inc. (Google), focused on perfecting the platform’s algorithm, giving it the reach of a powerful social media. 70% of the content that users watch originates from the platform’s automatic recommendations, generating an unprecedented type of adherence and addiction in the consumption of online video,

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In recent years, there has been a considerable discussion of transmedia, a term that has become trendy for filmmakers, producers, scholars and people linked to the audiovisual sector. Although there are several different and acceptable definitions and approaches, it is a diverse and multifaceted field, its concept is used indiscriminately more as an ornament in

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In recent years, the term convergence has changed from being a word in the specialized academic jargon to become a concept widely used in the multiple contexts of communications, technology and social life in general. Although “Convergence” has positioned itself as a concept in the global imagination, it is important to identify that it is

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