Computerized mobile telecommunications devices, better known as smartphones, have marked one of the most important technological revolutions of this century. The evolution of telephony managed to consolidate the so long desired omnipresence in movement, passing through photography and video in the immediate vicinity, to the possibility of portable connection with internet access, which in turn […]


Finding something on the Internet is one of the biggest challenges that have resulted from the formation of our current information society and although in the collective imagination the simplest answer is to use Google, there is an open-source technology behind the scenes that is changing the way we search for and retrieve information from

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5G will be the technology that will revolutionize high-speed wireless connectivity globally in the next decade. Conservative figures estimate that 40% of humanity will be connected through its networks by 2025[1] and according to a study published by GSMA [2], it will produce an estimated $2 trillion for the world economy once implemented. While there

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As a result of the global scandal caused by the trade war between United States and China, in which Huawei and Google have been the main protagonists, circumstances indicate that the new battlefield will no longer be the trenches but Internet, which was predictable in the context of a globalized information society.Although for now the

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Can Connectivity Transform a Region?Connectivity has been presented as the great solution to transform many aspects of daily lives of people in recent decades, which perhaps generates more expectations than realities. But, although the idea of connectivity is oversold, it is necessary to recognize that it has a very high and transversal impact on multiple

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