An investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) revealed in recent days more than 120,000 documents about Uber, revealing an unsuspected level of corruption, reopening the debate on the need for regulation of digital platforms. What do the Uber Papers reveal and what consequences will it bring? By: Gabriel E. Levy B. […]

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New developments in artificial intelligence in recent years have triggered euphoria in the technology industry, promising an automated, convenient and simple future for human civilization. However, some scientists and other experts in the field do not share the same enthusiasm and warn of potential risks. What are the biggest challenges underlying the development of artificial

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The consolidation of prosumption and the growth of social media allowed the emergence of the cultural phenomenon of Influencers: people who, due to the number of followers in the networks and their ability to impact their audiences, monetize publications and content, reaching a lucrative business model, which, although it has been consolidated globally, several studies

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According to a recent ECLAC and CAF report [1], Latin America is one of the regions of the world lagging furthest behind in telecommunications development, second only to some African and Asia-Pacific sub-regions. This lag represents an enormous investment, regulation and modernization challenge that must be met during this decade, demanding a colossal effort from

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Owner of the two most popular social media in the world, one of the most used chat platforms in the planet, one of the most downloaded mobile application and the third most visited website in the whole planet – with 2.5 billion simultaneous users and 3.5 billion accumulated – no organization, government, person or company

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Although just mentioning the subject seems like a science fiction matter or a bold chapter of Black Mirror, without realizing it and in a very subtle, but forceful way, millions of people in the world have an algorithm, software, neural system or a code based on Artificial Intelligence as their boss or immediate superior. What

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By: Gabriel E. Levy B. As YouTube evolved, its owner, Alphabet Inc. (Google), focused on perfecting the platform’s algorithm, giving it the reach of a powerful social media. 70% of the content that users watch originates from the platform’s automatic recommendations, generating an unprecedented type of adherence and addiction in the consumption of online video,

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In America, the strong neoliberal regulatory tradition has promoted ex-post regulatory schemes, that is, we regulate long after changes occur, which allows the market to adjust itself during implementation periods. But although experience has shown that subsequent regulation allows for greater innovation, it is also true that it generates a notable absence of the State

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Small picturesque stores offered “National and International Internet Service” in northern Ecuador, while there was a case in Guatemala of a “Chapín” who denounced his Internet provider at the police station, as they promised him that he could communicate worldwide using the service, but he never got a dial tone when he connected the cable

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