In a press conference in English, the controversial president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced that the cryptocurrency BITCOIN will circulate as the official currency of that country [1], becoming the first nation in the world to recognize and adopt this cryptoasset as an official currency. While the decision at first glance seems to be […]

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A prestigious Mexican teacher and researcher recently conducted a curious experiment with her computer science students, which once again showed that digital marketing tools not only store and interpret our behavior, but might be crossing the fine line of privacy, a fact that several cybersecurity experts have been warning about for several years and that

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It is enough for an employee to download an infected email, or for a security patch not to be installed in time on a company’s servers, so that hackers, through sophisticated encryption software, can hijack sensitive company data, to then ask for millionaire ransoms.Ransomware, or digital hijacking, is currently one of the most profitable criminal

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