This week Microsoft’s CEO, Brad Smith, in an interview with the BBC, stated that, “Life as depicted in George Orwell’s “1984” could come to pass in 2024 if lawmakers don’t protect the public against artificial intelligence″ [1]. While many social organizations have denounced the threats posed to humanity by the lack of regulation on Artificial […]

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When we share our data on social media and the Internet in general, the privacy policy of most online platforms assure us that our information will remain anonymous, however, an investigation recently conducted by The New York Times, regarding the tracking of the capitol assailants in recent days, revealed that, it is very simple to

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A change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy that allows the sharing of commercial information with Facebook’s platform in some specific cases triggered the largest attempt to disband users in the history of this communications platform, raising the number of downloads of other similar applications such as Telegram, Signal or Line. Are users’ concerns about WhatsApp justified?

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In view of the concern triggered in the population by the recent change in privacy conditions by WhatsApp[1], it is pertinent to reflect on the Lifelogging phenomenon, a lifestyle adopted by a growing number of people around the world, fueling the discussion on the digital footprint, while psychologists and sociologists reflect on its impact. What

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The levels of concentration of services, providers, consumption and content on the web have reached unprecedented historical figures [1], while thousands of traditional media are in crisis due to the unbalanced competition that Facebook and Google [2] have with the advertising market [3]. The documentary published by Netflix The Great Hack [4] explains the details

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By: Gabriel E. Levy B. As YouTube evolved, its owner, Alphabet Inc. (Google), focused on perfecting the platform’s algorithm, giving it the reach of a powerful social media. 70% of the content that users watch originates from the platform’s automatic recommendations, generating an unprecedented type of adherence and addiction in the consumption of online video,

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