Hardly any economic sector is as hostile to small micro and mini-entrepreneurs as the telecommunications sector. While in segments such as food, commerce or tourism, governments invest in incubation and strengthening programs; on the contrary, plans for telecommunications SMEs in Latin America seem to be designed to hinder their growth. How do small ISPs survive […]

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Historically, the provision of telecommunications services has been closely linked to ownership of the network infrastructure, i.e. any company or person wishing to provide telecommunications services requires its own infrastructure, a concept that, although still in force, many governments, social organizations and associations, mainly in first world countries, are proposing to reevaluate it through infrastructure

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According to a recent ECLAC and CAF report [1], Latin America is one of the regions of the world lagging furthest behind in telecommunications development, second only to some African and Asia-Pacific sub-regions. This lag represents an enormous investment, regulation and modernization challenge that must be met during this decade, demanding a colossal effort from

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