Strategies for Coping with Confinement By: Gabriel E. Levy B. Although for some it is more difficult than for others, the current confinement that Latin America is experiencing has become a symbol of lack, whether emotional, economic, social, cultural, affective or of entertainment, altering in a very short time the world as we knew […]

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At the end of the last century, a current of Latin American theorists proposed a disruptive dimension of communications that was called Theory of Mediations, which rebuild the way of interpreting the relations between media and viewers. It also dimensioned a new intercultural space absent in many of the previous theories of communications.After three decades

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By: Gabriel E. Levy B. – @galevy We may be witnessing one of the most dizzying moments in human history, where innovation has become the engine of constant change, in practically all social spheres.  The new ICTs [1] are emerging abruptly, overtaking previous technologies that we are not even able to measure. While all

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By: Gabriel E. Levy B. Thanks to the consolidation of the Internet and the so-called information society, millions of digital media, content platforms, web portals and blogs have emerged in the world in the last two decades, causing an oversupply of information, news and content [1]. The same pace at which digital communication projects are

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