In the last few years a new technology has emerged in the telecommunications universe, it is known as LI-FI: an acronym of the English term light fidelity –LI-FI-, a term used to name high speed wireless data transmission systems that use light as a transmission medium, in the same way that optical fiber or a […]

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In six decades of development, implementation and growth, the Internet has witnessed monumental technological transformations, so that the network as we know it today bears little resemblance to its origins. However, one technology has remained almost the same since its creation: the basic operating protocols of the TCP network -Transfer Control Protocol-, together with the

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Although historically the development of the different standards has been marked by a fundamentally technological agenda, in the case of 5G, its implementation seems to be marked by commercial and geopolitical agendas, becoming the new battlefield of a kind of 21st century cold war.   Why is 5G the new battleground of global geopolitics? 5G

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