After three years of intense meetings and disputes between Google and the French media, the French Competition Authority has just approved an agreement document between the parties, which obliges the Alphabet Inc. corporation to pay for the journalistic content it distributes. What is the agreement reached by the French media with Google? By: Gabriel E. […]

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The Walt Disney Co. corporation announced in interviews [1] confirmed to several media outlets in the region [2] and notified in writing to some cable operators[3]that before the end of the first quarter of 2022, it will discontinue signals in its Spanish-language television offerings for Latin America, including NatGeo Wil, NatGeo Kids, DisneyXD, FXM and

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Computerized mobile telecommunications devices, better known as smartphones, have marked one of the most important technological revolutions of this century. The evolution of telephony managed to consolidate the so long desired omnipresence in movement, passing through photography and video in the immediate vicinity, to the possibility of portable connection with internet access, which in turn


A recent publication by Bloomberg showed that the Federal Trade Commission of the United States FTC is preparing a possible antitrust suit against Facebook [1], for possible market abuse. The lawsuit would be added to the investigation on the same subject carried out by Letitia James, general attorney of the state of New York [2]

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The CMA (UK Competition and Markets Authority) recently published a rigorous report about markets of digital platforms and online advertising [1], which, among other aspects, concludes that in this area of the economy “competition is not working well, causing substantial damage to consumers and society.” Although many studies around the world have evidenced this phenomenon,

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